About Us

Hello there! So funnily enough, somehow you’ve made it to the blog of two travel-obsessed nutheads. We will share stories, photos and videos, showing our passions for the outdoors and nature. Please come and say Hi and feel free to share some of your thoughts and experiences with us.

DSC_0287DAN: This is me on the left, as usual trying to befriend an animal. Ever since my mother took me travelling around Eastern Europe on the trains and buses, I have always felt a natural instinct to explore and experience different cultures.

Climbing has been my greatest obsession over the last 10 years and the majority of my travels have been focused on finding beautiful areas to participate in my sport. I love being out in the wilderness and have spent so much of my life walking, camping and general dirtbagging in the outdoors. This is also the first time I have started to write and am really enjoying this medium of expression.

le pradet

LENA: This is me on the right, and as usual I have just woken up or am still dreaming. First fact about me, 5 alarms and a rabbit on my back is still not enough to wake me up. I started travelling in my mum’s belly and have not really stopped ever since.

I have had a number of crazy adventures, but like a drug, I crave for more. I spent one month in a tent in Siberia, trying to learn some Russian and teach Russians some Polish. I spent an unforgettable night in a wet wet-suit sharing a cave with wombats being lost in the Australian Bush, and I had a very close meeting with a black bear mother and her cub by one of Canada’s Lakes.

Last year, I was introduced to climbing and a climber, and fell in love with both. As my visual memory is getting worse with age, I decided to capture as much of my life as I can through photography.


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