Hello and welcome to Plait and Beard

So here we are, this is our new page within the cyberspace world, where we can express our love of travel and being a small part of the ecosystem on this beautiful planet. To be fair, I never expected myself to have a website, or a blog. I simply thought, that nobody would actually be interested enough to put himself (or herself) through the effort of reading my terrible writing. But, not that long ago, I received one lovely message from a friend asking if I have a blog or website. And you know what? I though, that even if there will be just one person interested in some of our crazy adventures, then why not?  Inspired by the beauty that surrounds us everyday, we have a passion for exploring new places, cultures and environments. Dan and I will endeavour to update this as much as possible with tales of our wanderings, adventures while being lost (yes, we do get lost quite often), photos and other ramblings that may or may not happen to be of interest. If at least one person is going to enjoy it, it will be a great pleasure for both of us.

Lena & Dan

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